We are OPEN!

*Effective 03/22/21, we are open for 50% occupancy, which is 65 customers at a time.
No more reservations!​
Mask mandates are updated per CDC guidelines too! Show us proof of vaccination and feel free to go mask less if you so choose

About Oak Harbor Playtown

With a constant flow of content and entertainment capturing our attention, it's easy to miss out on quality family time away from screens. As a wife and mom living in Oak Harbor, Gabrielle Schiller - also known by her family and friends as Gabby - had an idea. She imagined a place where parents like her in this growing community can take their children to play and interact with each other. That's when she began planning to open this unique play center: Oak Harbor Playtown.

Oak Harbor Playtown is a fun and interactive space that caters to parents and kids from newborn to 6 years old. *There is one all-ages bouncy house upstairs (adults can bounce too!) The space is family-friendly and child-proof, and we do our best to offer new and exciting activities as often as possible.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all bouncy houses are temporarily removed, but upstairs is still available with plenty of play options for all*

Plus, you can book birthday parties and events to make your special occasions incredible and memorable.